Prof. Johannes Berg

Statistical inference of biological information, cancer evolution, gene regulation

email: bergj@uni-koeln.de



Prof. Tobias Bollenbach

Experimental biophysics and systems biology of microbes

email: t.bollenbach@uni-koeln.de



Prof. Gerhard Gompper

Statistical physics of soft, active, and living matter — from single particle motility to swarming

email: g.gompper@fz-juelich.de



Prof. Joachim Krug

Evolutionary theory, adaptive evolution in microbial populations

email: jkrug@uni-koeln.de



Prof. Michael Lässig

Statistical physics of biological systems, predictive models of evolution

email: mlaessig@uni-koeln.de



Prof. Berenike Maier

Biophysics of bacterial systems, from single molecule analysis to experimental evolution

email: berenike.maier@uni-koeln.de