Understanding the physical principles of

biological systems

Modern biophysics links multiple scales of biological organisation.

Biophysical mechanisms govern molecular functions inside the cell, which are building blocks for regulatory and metabolic networks in an organism.

Statistical physics describes principles of biological information, which is encoded in genomes and edited by evolution.

The mission of IBP is to integrate all of these research directions into an interdisciplinary science of living systems, and to train tomorrow’s research leaders in this exciting field.

IBP news

November 2022

We welcome Bahareh Bagheri, a new postdoc in the Bollenbach group


October 2022

We welcome Stephan Wimmi, a new postdoc in the Maier group


Upcoming Events

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Adaptive evolution of virulence and persistence in multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae infections


Delbrück Lecture by Uri Alon


Simplifying aging


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Physical learning and collective memory of adaptive immunity